Online School Safety Training Platform – Coming Soon

by americansforclassSeptember 7, 2018

Americans for CLASS is committed to helping keep our nation’s educational campuses safe and secure. This is why we are partnering with the National Council for Education Safety and board-certified security experts to develop free and low cost online training for:

  • School Administrators,
  • Campus Safety Professionals,
  • School Boards,
  • Campus Security/School Resource Officers,
  • Parent/Teacher Groups, and
  • Other community stakeholders

By identifying and training our communities on current best practices in Educational Safety, Americans for CLASS can empower parents, campus staff, and students to work with their public, charter, private, faith-based and collegiate campus leadership to keep staff & students safe.

Our online training modules will provide you with information essential to preventing campus violence, preparing for and dealing with emergencies, and recognizing illicit behaviors on campus. Our platform will track continuing education hours and provide certificates of completion.

While sayings like “if you see something, say something” are important to remind people to be vigilant of their surroundings; it best works when everyone is trained on potentially dangerous behaviors, security protocols and how to make an effective report to the authorities. Americans for CLASS is working hard to provide our nation’s educational communities with the tools to protect their campuses.”