Schools, sheriff accused of concealing information in Parkland shooting

by kprestonSeptember 20, 2018

Yesterday legal action was filed by the parents of students Meadow Pollack and Carmen Schentrup, who died in the shooting spree. Their lawyers say public agencies are subverting democracy by stonewalling them in their search for public records related to the case.

The school board, Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office, and Florida Highway Patrol have consistently and repeatedly blocked their efforts to obtain information, ignoring the public’s right to know that has been a part of state law since 1892, according to the victims’ families.

“The respondent’s failure to provide access to the public records constitutes, in effect and as a matter of law … a violation of the Public Records Act, and demonstrates a likelihood of future violations,” attorneys for the families wrote.

The families’ petition seeks a hearing, the requested records and a court order forcing the agencies to comply with the law.

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