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  • Become a state Director
  • Become a Volunteer Coordinator
  • Host a fundraiser

Help Put Pressure on Local, State, and Federal Politicians

  • Share content on social media
  • Make calls to your representatives to make school safety a priority
  • Visit government offices
  • Attend town hall meetings
  • Share the MSD High school public safety bill

Form a CLASS Watch for Your Child’s School

  1. Get principal’s consent
  2. Background checks for volunteers
  3. Train what to watch for and when to make an emergency call (hands on intervention is never called for)
  4. Equipment: you can use your own cellphones, vests, name tags, or t-shirts identifying you as patrol
  5. Paper signup at school
  6. Start patrolling
  7. For information on starting your own Classwatch emailĀ Julie at Americans for CLASS


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