School Accountablity

In the process of looking into our schools, we uncovered millions in unspent safety funds and potentially dangerous programs that made it clear that February 14th was preventable. Now, it’s our mission to serve as a school watchdog, ensuring accountability and transparency within our school systems. Here’s what we’re working on to do that.

  1. We are accepting completely anonymous tips from teachers, students, and any other school personnel who have concerning information about their schools. Any concerns should first be reported to the appropriate authorities before bringing to our attention. With any tips please include the title of the person you reported your concerns to.
  2. We are setting up local chapters of C.L.A.S.S. across the country to work with students, teachers, and the community on doing research into their own schools. In addition, we’ll be recruiting leaders in every state to create and oversee those chapters.
  3. Once we find evidence of wrongdoing or ineptitude, we are ready and willing to take action. This can take many forms. We can call the media, take legal action, or get involved in local school board races if need be.

To do this, we need dedicated Americans from coast to coast working with us. Once you become a volunteer, we will equip you with the necessary tools to do your own research. To get involved, you can submit an anonymous tip or sign up to be a volunteer below.